October Is Here!

Celebrating World Culture

During the month of October, Abner Montessori focuses on different cultures from around the world. We hope that you and your family will participate in this opportunity to learn about foreign lands and their cultures with your child. We also seek out interesting presenters that can share information about a culture from a different part of the world. If you know of anyone that would like to share their experiences, please let us know.

Continental Dress and Food

On Friday, October 31st, the children will dress up like people from their continent of choice. Please note that this will take the place of Halloween costumes. No children should come dressed in a Halloween costume.
We would also appreciate volunteers who are willing to provide foods from a variety of cultures during the last week of October. A sign-up sheet is located at the front desk.

A Simple Presentation Outline:

Foam board with pictures from the continent
Pictures should include shelter, dress, food and climate
A short presentation given by the child and/or parent to the class.
Dress in native clothing (optional)
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Student Presentations

We encourage children in the primary and lower elementary classes to put together a presentation on one of the world’s seven continents. This World Culture presentation can include pictures, information, objects and even music that best illustrates a culture from the continent. In the past, some families have chosen to bring a snack from that continent as well.
Please check with the teacher prior to the presentation regarding classroom food allergies.
Engage in discussions with your child about the continent he would like to explore then sign up. Sign up sheets are posted at the office. Presentations will be given October 13-30 The primary class presentations are limited to 10 minutes. Elementary class presentations should not be longer than 20 minutes.

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Parents are invited! Presenting a continent together is a fabulous way to make connections with your child. You can discover interesting facts, foods, and music together!
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Explore the world Step out of the classroom and discover a new world. Immerse your family in the life and activities of a totally different culture. Or you might find that there are many similarities to our own.