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First Day Of Class. August 10, 2015

This is a short video taken the morning of August 10, 2015. It is a tradition at Abner to do a first day walk through with no edits, just adjusting the speed for time purpose. If you were to come in at 9:15 a.m. this is what you would of seen. Thank you for your trust in our staff and program.

Have a good day.

Visit our Studios web page for up coming activities hosted by Abner Montessori and Sky After School.

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In a world of rapid change...

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In a world of rapid change and new discoveries, we can only guess at the skills our children will need to succeed in the 21st century. Now, more than ever, the essential lesson is learning how to learn. Abner Montessori School offers students a world-class education based on the Montessori approach to learning by building on the observation that children learn most effectively through direct experience and the process of investigation and discovery. Abner's goal is to nurture a child's intelligence, self-confidence, personal creativity and independence, and to help our students come to love learning as they begin to discover their true potential during the most important years of their education.

How did our school get the name "Abner"?

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How did our school get the name "Abner"?
The name Abner comes from the Old Testament in the Bible. In First and Second Samuel you will find that Abner was the chief officer of Saul's army. He was also present when David fought and defeated the giant Philistine warrior, Goliath. The name Abner means, "My father is a lamp." The name Abner provides the vision of a path being lit on a journey. We want to partner with you as we light the path for your child on their journey through the early education years. We use the sun (a source of light) in our logo and have adopted the slogan, "Shining Light on Life Building Experiences." We hope to be a source of light in the development of your child.

Tour Our Program

Welcome! Our goal is to make the process of becoming a part of the Abner community as smooth and informative as possible. We invite you to spend time exploring our website and then to visit our school in person. You can contact us to set up a tour by clicking the tour link below. We will use your information to contact you with tour times that fit your schedule. If you have questions and would like to talk, please call us at 803-345-9428.

You can select a date and time for your tour here.

Thank you!
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Abner Montessori School • 432 E. Boundary Street • Chapin, SC 29036 • 803-345-9428