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Moving from Concrete to Abstract!

The elementary-aged child is moving from the physical world of concrete understanding to learning to reason abstractly. Our elementary program is designed to meet the specific academic needs of our students and maintain a balance that helps to nurture a love of learning while creating a strong community bond to help the child grow socially and emotionally. This focus on the whole child is one characteristic that makes our program unique in helping our students meet their God given potential. Elementary students need a safe and loving environment to question the world around them and explore the fundamentals of academics and social behaviors that will help them to be successful in their lives.

Creating Life-Long Learners

Academic foundations are developed through the use of hands on materials. When the child has a strong understanding of an academic concept they are guided by a teacher to demonstrate the academic concept abstractly. This process of moving from the concrete to the abstract helps accelerate the child’s ability to perform academically. Gaining an understanding academically also increase the students independence in the class and allows the child to gain ownership of their education experience. This ownership and independence in academics creates a joyful life long learner.

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Community as a Cornerstone
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Community is a corner stone of the elementary experience for our students. The concept of community is experienced by interaction with other students of different abilities and ages. We seek to answer what community is and why it is important. We explore ways to build the community and roles community members take to have a productive and peaceful community . This experience builds a respect for others and helps develop good communication skills. In the end, the child learns the classroom belongs to them and places the responsibility on every member in the classroom to participate in a positive way to ensure a successful community experience.

Our elementary class addresses the academic, social, and emotional development of the child to create a fertile ground for your child to grow and develop as a whole individual. They will be challenged and guided by our teachers to develop the skills needed to work in a community setting similar to the environment many students may work in later in life.