Presentation Sign-up

Primary families, presentations will take place the last two weeks of October. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend, and help with the presentation. We will have 3 presentation times per day. If the times available do not work for you, please speak with your child's teacher.

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October is Cultural Month

Every year, our classrooms take the month of October to explore cultures from around the world. Students will learn about different foods, practices, holidays, and more during this month. We invite our families to help us celebrate the diverse cultures.

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Cultural Dress Day
Date: Friday, October 30th

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Cultural Dress Day is an annual tradition at Abner Montessori School. Students are encouraged to dress up as someone from their culture choice. This day will take the place of Halloween. If your child chooses to dress up, please pack a change of clothes for them to change into afterwards.

Please, no children should come dressed in a Halloween costume.

We look forward to an exciting day with lots of great examples from cultures around the world!

Student Cultural Presentations

Your primary student (with the help from a family member) is invited to research and give a presentation about a country of their choice to the child's classroom. These presentations are about sharing interesting facts, foods, and music.

Basic Presentation Outline

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  • Foam board with pictures from the continent.
  • Photos should include shelter, dress, food, and climate.
  • A short speech by the child and/or parent to the class.
  • Dress in native clothing (optional)

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There are many ways to present information about a country and culture. Be creative! Read a story, bring in an expert, make food, talk about traditions - the choice is yours!

Room 1 Sign-up

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Pre-Primary - Around the World

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Every week Pre-Primary will explore all seven continents and many interesting cultures. Children will experience many different traditions, foods, and music as they travel across the globe. If you would like to donate food for tasting or have any material you believe will add to the experience, please let Ms. Haley know. There will be a signup sheet in class.